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    Why Is It So Important to Have a Mobile Responsive Website?

    When we do workshops and networking, we are constantly mentioning that your website needs to be mobile responsive.  Notice I use the word “responsive”, not just mobile-friendly?  Mobile friendly is the first step, but even better, is responsive.  Responsive means that a website will show optimally for the user on not only a mobile phone,

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    3 Things to Consider When Designing Your New Website

    Everything is online now. Do you remember when you used to have to look up a business’s phone number in a big yellow book? Or when you actually had to go into a store to find out the store’s hours? Those days are in the past.   Now more than ever, people are searching on

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    3 Effective Tips To Improve Your Website’s Call To Action

    In digital marketing, it isn’t enough to have a well-designed website and high quality content to convert consumers to your brand. Keyword rankings may increase online traffic to your website, but to urge consumers to buy from your company you need a strong call to action.   One of the biggest mistakes of DIY websites

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    Why Your Business Still Needs A Web Designer In 2017

    Many small businesses don’t see the appeal of seeking out professional web designers. Recently, DIY web development and web design themes have become far more common. The problem with DIY web design is that, as a business, you’re relying on non-professional skills but expecting professional results.   Website design and development that has been created

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    How Can I Keep Users On My Website Longer?

    The first step in effective internet marketing is keeping your users and potential customers on your web page. The longer your users stay on your page, the more likely you’ll be able to make a sale or remain in the user’s memory for a later date. Even for the most skilled web developers and marketing

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    Understanding The 3 Most Essential Features Of Any Great Website

    When it comes to designing a website, it can be difficult to determine which methods and features will and will not be effective at attracting a broader audience. However, there are a few basic features that make up any great website, and before you invest in any type of web design campaign, it’s important to

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    Web Design Trends To Avoid: Why No One Is Coming To Your Website

    When marketing directors ask why isn’t anyone coming to my website they tend to look for the latest digital marketing and web design trends. This can be both a blessing and a curse. Yes, some of the latest web design trends are incredible and do help businesses increase their numbers of online traffic.   However,

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    Web Design Tips: Avoid These DIY Website Mistakes

    The do it yourself (DIY) market has grown incredibly over the last few years. People are starting successful businesses with little experience thanks to DIY strategies. Though doing something yourself certainly has plenty of benefits, when it comes to standing out in the digital realm, there are still plenty mistakes that DIY web developers make.

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    3 Ways to Increase Your Website’s Usability

    UI design is important for the usability of your website and for increasing web traffic among online users. To boost the digital marketing of your responsive website, it’s necessary to consider ways in which you can increase the usability of your website’s design and boost its accessibility. The following list is a number of suggestions

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    5 Signs Your Website Is Boring and How to Fix It

    Graphic design is about more than making sure a product looks good. It’s about visual communication and ensuring the consumer receives the correct message from the company. However, sending a direct message clearly and sending a direct message effectively are two different things.   As many as 12 billion searches are conducted online every month