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What Mobile-First Means For Your Website

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website redesignIf it’s been some time since your last major website redesign, you could be missing out on some very big opportunities. Why is that? In the past few years, mobile device usage has skyrocketed, with more people than ever using their phones and tablets for internet access on a daily basis. Here’s what this era of “mobile-first” design could mean for your business and your business’s website in the future.


Smartphone Shopping On The Rise


If your business allows users to make purchases online, you’ll want to take another look at your website soon to ensure that your e-commerce functions work on mobile devices as well as on desktop computers. Four out of five consumers now shop on smartphones, making your website’s mobile store a necessity.


It’s important to ensure that your website responds quickly on mobile as well because of this. If users are left waiting too long for a page to load on a mobile device, the chances increase that they’ll simply click away and not make their purchase on your site.


Mobile Users Searching Local


While the internet allows users everywhere to find your business, the most important views are those that are local to you. This is because users that are nearby are far more likely to actually be in need of your products or services, and therefore it’s far more likely that those clicks will turn into actual profit for you.


Making sure your website is mobile friendly could easily help cater to this local market. Half of all mobile internet searches are conducted in hope of finding local results, so having your website ready for mobile access can help contribute to your success in this way.


Having your website be mobile ready is essential in the modern world. By keeping the mobile responsiveness of your site up, you’ll attract more visitors to your site specifically looking for the content that you and your business can provide. Make sure you keep your mobile layout and design in mind for your next major website redesign so you can capitalize on this opportunity.


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