Our Process

You Are Involved at Every Step!

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Everything You Need

Nothing You Don’t

With expertise cultivated from over 17 years in business, we rely on a highly consultative methodology that puts you in the driver’s seat—while we do all the work! Our project managers follow a carefully refined development process to ensure every project runs smoothly and efficiently. You’ll always understand what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. If it’s determined that the plan needs to be tweaked, we undertake an effective change process that ensures everyone understands what’s happening and why.

How It Works

Our designs are custom created to meet your goals. But our process is structured for consistency and efficiency.
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    Strategy Planning

    This is where the process starts! We work with you directly to understand your business, target market, competitors, and the ultimate goal of your website.
  • 02

    Design Phase

    One of our talented designers will be assigned to make graphical mock-ups of select pages of your website. We will send you the mockups as we go so you can review them page by page and see exactly how your site will look when it is fully finished!
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    Once you have approved the mockups, we begin coding your website in the development phase. This is where we add life to your website through animations and interactive features. There are no worries if you already have an existing site live. All development and testing are done on our test servers. Your site remains live until your new site is ready to launch.
  • 04

    Client Review

    After all the pages of your website have been developed, we will send you the demo version of your site for review. Here is where any last-minute changes are made to ensure your website looks great and functions exactly to your liking!
  • 05

    Validate and Test

    With your approval, we begin our final tests for your website! We run through every page to make sure all the features of your site are fully functional across multiple browsers and devices.
  • 06


    The big day! Your site is developed, tested, and approved. We will launch your website on either our hosting platform or yours. It’s time to celebrate all your hard work and show off your brand-new website!
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    Websites are no longer a “set and forget” part of your business. As technology evolves, website software is constantly updated to make it faster and more secure. It is heavily advised you sign on to one of our maintenance plans to ensure your website is safe and functional.

Our Featured Work

Here are a few recent projects, helping our clients grow their businesses.