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With expertise cultivated over our last 17 years in business, we rely on a highly consultative methodology that puts you in the driver’s seat—while we do all the work! Using a project-management approach, we follow a carefully refined, well-developed process to walk you through the entire project. You’ll always understand what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and what the associated costs are with your project. There are no hidden fees or overblown charges. If it’s determined that the plan needs to be tweaked, we undertake a meticulous, yet efficient, change process that ensures everyone understands what’s happening and why.

Meet Our MRN Team

  • Suzanne Jeska

    Suzanne Jeska

    Owner/Creative Director
    Suzanne is the owner and creative director of MRN Web Designs.  She has spent the last 15+ years helping clients leverage the internet to grow their businesses.  Suzanne comes from a telecom background spending the first half of her career as  Program Manager at AT&T before taking a break to raise her three children.  While at home, she kept abreast of website design and development, starting out by volunteering to help the school and church with their websites.  Her first paying client was her daughter's gymnastics studio, and the rest is history!  Today, MRN Web Designs has grown to a team of developers, designers, digital marketers, and project managers. She takes pride in making each client feel like they are the only client, no matter how big or small.
  • Lee Savarese

    Lee Savarese

    Lead Project Manager
    Lee has been an invaluable part of our team for the past four years. As our Lead Web Project Manager, she brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for problem-solving, Lee has successfully overseen numerous web projects from inception to completion. Her proficiency in WordPress and WooCommerce has enabled her to create stunning websites that look great and perform seamlessly. Lee's dedication to project management ensures that every project is delivered on time and within budget. Her ability to navigate complex challenges and find innovative solutions sets her apart!  When she's out of the office, Lee enjoys spending time in nature hiking or kayaking and spending quality time with her beloved dog, Sadie! Sadie may be a small dog - but she has a big personality! 
  • Jodie Hepp

    Jodie Hepp

    Web Project Manager
    Jodie brings a wealth of expertise to MRN Web Designs with a strong focus on enhancing user experiences and optimizing interface design. As a project manager, Jodie effectively oversees projects from start to finish. Her background ensures that your projects will be visually appealing and user-friendly! Before embarking on her journey to the world of web design, Jodie dedicated herself to education, starting as a kindergarten teacher. During the pandemic, Jodie's passion for teaching found a new outlet as she virtually connected with children in China, teaching English language skills through online schooling. Beyond the digital realm, Jodie finds serenity in yoga and adventure in hiking and camping. Her love for the great outdoors inspires her creative problem-solving.
  • Andreia Oliveira

    Andreia Oliveira

    Project Manager
    Andreia excels in WordPress, Google Business support, and technical solutions, overseeing numerous successful web projects. Her WordPress prowess allows her to craft customized websites that thrive in the digital landscape. With her mastery of Google Business support, she helps clients establish and enhance their online presence. Andreia's keen eye for technical solutions ensures seamless website functionality. Outside the office, Andreia has a passion for gardening! Andreia's work embodies patience, precision, and a knack for detail. She understands the patience it takes to grow a beautiful plant or flower. Similarly to creating a beautiful and useful website, patience and a creative eye are key.
  • Christine Shields

    Christine Shields

    Business Developer
    Christine seamlessly juggles various roles at MRN Web Designs! Her understanding of client needs and persuasive communication skills make her an invaluable asset during the presales process. In addition to presales, Christine lends her exceptional writing skills to crafting captivating content for our websites. Her eagle-eyed attention to detail and innate talent for catching grammar mistakes elevate our content to perfection, ensuring our websites look great and read flawlessly. Her impressive writing skills allow her to take the lead in quality assurance checks, meticulously reviewing every aspect of our websites to ensure they meet our exacting standards. Her dedication to precision is the backbone of our commitment to excellence. Beyond the office, Christine is an outdoor enthusiast, enjoying running and tennis whenever possible. A testament to her timeless charm, Christine's favorite movie is "It's a Wonderful Life." Much like the film's enduring message, she brings a touch of magic to our team.
  • Raju Verma

    Raju Verma

    Lead Project Developer
    Raju, our Lead Website Developer, is the mastermind behind turning concepts into functional websites. His versatile skills encompass project management, problem-solving, and web development, ensuring our projects are executed seamlessly. Raju's knack for finding innovative solutions to technical challenges is unparalleled. On his downtime, he's a formidable cricketer, bringing his competitive spirit to the game. Off the field, Raju indulges in his favorite comfort food, Noodles. His commitment to excellence, both in the digital realm and on the cricket pitch, solidifies his position as a key asset in our team, consistently surpassing expectations.
  • Emma Leung

    Emma Leung

    Emma Leung is a graduate of NC State University with a bachelor's degree in Media, Arts, Design, & Technology, bringing a wealth of expertise and creativity to our team. With a thorough background in creating digital media, Emma possesses a keen eye for clean, visually appealing digital layouts as well as crafting delightful user experiences. Her artistic sensibilities extend beyond the digital realm, as she enjoys painting in her free time, infusing her work with a unique and vibrant touch. Additionally, Emma's passion for volleyball reflects her collaborative spirit and dynamic approach to team projects, making her a key asset to MRN Designs.
  • John Bianchi

    John Bianchi

    Paid Ads Manager
    With over a decade of experience in the digital media landscape, John is a seasoned professional in the world of paid advertising. As our Paid Ads Manager, he specializes in creating and optimizing campaigns across platforms such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads, ensuring that our clients receive the best returns on their marketing investments. John's expertise lies in fine-tuning strategies to maximize spending efficiency, driving measurable results for our clients. Beyond his digital prowess, John is a multifaceted individual. In his free time, you can find him honing his self-defense skills through Krav Maga, enjoying a round of golf, or channeling his creativity onto canvas by painting stunning landscapes inspired by the beauty of North Carolina. John's dedication to both his work and his passions makes him an invaluable asset to our team, and his diverse skill set keeps our clients' advertising efforts in top form.