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Our Logos

Will Ensure You Make a First Impression

An effective logo gives your company a unique image and recognizable brand identity. It represents more than the product or service offered, but the vision and values for your business. A logo is a graphic representation of your company name, trademark, or brand. MRN will work with you directly to create a logo representing you and your business while following modern trends and industry standards.

Our Process

Our designs are custom created to meet your goals. But our process is structured for consistency and efficiency.
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    Strategic Planning 

    This is where the process starts! We work with you directly to understand your business, target market, and competitors. We want to know how you want your business to look and feel. 
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    Our team researches design trends to ensure your logo fits your industry. We focus on finding color schemes and font types that will have your business looking professional while still being unique to you. 
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    Here is where we begin designing your logo. We start with hand-drawn sketches and work to develop our best ideas fully. 
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    Client Review 

    Once we have several developed examples, we will meet and review the logos with you. With your feedback, we can develop our concepts further. Our designer will refine the logos you are drawn to, ensuring they represent your business perfectly. 
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    Brand Package

    After a final decision has been made, we will create a final brand package for your logo. This will include all file types necessary for any elements of your business. Our brand packages make it easy for you to use your logo anywhere. 

Our Featured Work

Here are a few recent projects, helping our clients grow their businesses.