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    How To Protect Your WordPress or Joomla Account From Hacking and Malware

    Most business owners aren’t web designers, and that’s why so many people depend on platforms like Joomla and WordPress to manage and update their business website. Not only are these websites easy for business owners to use, they also help make sure your website is easy for visitors to use, too.   Indeed, a full

  • To upload pictures into Phoca Gallery in Joomla

    Upload pictures Phoca Gallery in the Administration Panel (Components…Phoca Gallery…Images…New) Type in a title, alias, select the file to upload from your PC.  (Click on Select Filename and scroll to bottom, click on choose file, start upload wait while the thumbnails are generated, then click on the picture that has just been uploaded Add Meta

  • Joomla editing icons

    If you are not seeing all of the editing icons when you are creating a new article or page in Joomla, go to the Administration login, then to Extensions, and Extension Manager.  Go down to Editor-TinyMCE .  Make sure that you pick “Extended” from the Basic Functionality Drop Down.  See below: