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    4 Reasons You Should Always Keep Your WordPress Plugins Updated

    WordPress Plugins are apps that allow you to add new features and functionality to your WordPress site. Plugins keep everything running smoothly, give websites a professional appearance, and make it possible to do almost anything with a WordPress site, such as tracking SEO. These plugins, however, are quickly forgotten once the site content is up

  • Updating Platforms and Plugins are Critical to Keeping your Website Up and Running

    This is NOT the image you want existing or potential clients to see when they find you online.  Regardless of your business sector, you cannot afford to have your website down or contaminated with malware that could infect visitors. Not only is your site down and unavailable to your potential customers, but you may also

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    Best Practices for Your WordPress Plugins

    WordPress remains one of the most popular and consistently used web development tools on the market. Estimates claim that over 30% of all websites use this platform, with nearly 15% of the Top 100 Websites using this platform. 17 new blog posts pop up on the platform every second, each of which is enhanced by

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    Duplicating a Page in WordPress: The Why and The How

    Despite the fact that users only read 28% of what’s on a web page, the content on your site matters a lot. Not only can your website provide lots of useful information to human users who search for it, but it can also allow Google’s bots to better understand how relevant and reputable your website

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    Why Do I Need To Update WordPress Plugins?

    Software updates are repairs that fix bugs which went unnoticed during the development stage. These bugs become noticeable once the program is used in real time. Updates are therefore necessary to improve a program’s function and usability.   WordPress is a system software that operates on a web server. To keep your organization’s WordPress account

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    Why Is WordPress So Popular?

    Whether you’re a small business owner or an independent publisher, odds are you’re familiar with WordPress (WP). Many people might argue that WP is just another content publishing system, but if that was the case, how on earth did it become so popular? Often when you think of WordPress vs Drupal, there’s no contest. WordPress

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    How WordPress Can Help Your Business Break Into Online Marketing

    For the small business owner, internet marketing can be difficult to break into. For a business to receive a significant amount of online traffic, it requires SEO, effective web design, and high quality content.   It takes a lot of energy and a lot of money to market effectively online when your business itself has

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    How To Protect Your WordPress or Joomla Account From Hacking and Malware

    Most business owners aren’t web designers, and that’s why so many people depend on platforms like Joomla and WordPress to manage and update their business website. Not only are these websites easy for business owners to use, they also help make sure your website is easy for visitors to use, too.   Indeed, a full

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    WordPress vs Drupal: Which CMS to Use?

    The WordPress vs. Drupal debate is a lot like the Coke vs. Pepsi debate. People tend to be fiercely loyal to either one side or the other, and there’s little you can say to make them change their minds.   However, unlike soft drink preferences, most people have to choose between WordPress or Drupal as

  • 3 Ways Lego Bricks Are Just Like Your Business — And Why This Matters for Your Digital Marketing Campaign

    For more than 50 years, Danish toymaker Lego A/S has been producing the same exact toys, made from the same exact materials, that kids (and adults!) all over the world will recognize. While there have been some notable developments in Lego sets over the years to reflect pop culture trends, the fundamental style of the