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How WordPress Can Help Your Business Break Into Online Marketing


wordpressFor the small business owner, internet marketing can be difficult to break into. For a business to receive a significant amount of online traffic, it requires SEO, effective web design, and high quality content.
It takes a lot of energy and a lot of money to market effectively online when your business itself has a smaller number of employees and a low budget. But with websites like WordPress, which can create effective websites for businesses in as little as an afternoon, it doesn’t always have to be that way.
Why Use WordPress?
WordPress is a feasible blog and website tool for small businesses and entrepreneurs specifically because it has a low maintenance and setup cost. It’s used by roughly 73 million websites and, in the CMS market, it holds the largest market share. It’s relatively easy to use for those business owners who may be a little out of touch with technology (or at least with the modern social media aspect of it), which ultimately requires less training on behalf of employers.
There’s also no cost in association with installing, upgrading, or downloading plugins because WordPress is self-hosted. Additionally, WordPress is incredibly customizable. This is important in Internet services and online marketing because Internet users can often detect when a website has used common stock photos or stock layouts, which can be interpreted by users as laziness.
And because WordPress is its own website you don’t have to worry about making your website mobile-friendly. Of those Internet users looking at websites on mobile, 48% said they believe the cause of a mobile website not working properly is because the business doesn’t care. In reality, the business may simply be unaware of any fault on their end. WordPress eliminates any of that fear regarding Internet services and any need to alter CSS or HTML; it does that itself.
Customizable, unique Internet services are absolutely a great investment for companies of any size and industry. Efficient design with beautiful typography, a color palette that works for sensitive eyes, and legible fonts can not only lure online traffic, but can keep potential consumers on the website for an extended period of time.
For those small business owners who are unable to put the money into such an investment but still yearn to increase their internet marketing ability, WordPress offers that customizability and appealing design without the cost and maintenance of a personal, self-hosted site. This makes WordPress possibly the best choice for small business owners looking into marketing themselves among other businesses online.

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