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Web Design Tips: Avoid These DIY Website Mistakes

biggest mistakes of diy website

biggest mistakes of diy websiteThe do it yourself (DIY) market has grown incredibly over the last few years. People are starting successful businesses with little experience thanks to DIY strategies. Though doing something yourself certainly has plenty of benefits, when it comes to standing out in the digital realm, there are still plenty mistakes that DIY web developers make.
Here are some of the biggest mistakes of DIY websites.
Using too many colors
Because DIY strategies involve little-to-no experience, you might think that throwing dozens of color schemes onto a web page will make it look better. Wrong. Simplicity is the way to go when it comes to designing an aesthetically pleasing website. Avoid one of the biggest mistakes of DIY websites by keeping your site’s color scheme down to only two or three colors.
Not being mobile compatible
Currently, about four-fifths of all online consumers shop via their smartphones. Even if you were able to design a terrific website using DIY strategies, you probably aren’t knowledgeable enough to develop a compatible mobile-friendly site. More and more users are neglecting their computers and laptops and exclusively using smartphones do access websites. If you’re not easily accessible via smartphones, you’re not going to last very long online.
Not having bullet lists
Roughly 70% of online users look at bullet points lists when visiting websites and 55% of people read lists without bullet points. If you’re crafting a website on your own, you may not be aware of all the HTML tips that professionals are privy to. When it comes to DIY web design, the developers often overlook small details like bulleted lists and end up losing out and having a lesser quality site as a result.
Rather than making these costly website mistakes, you should consider working with professional digital marketing services to ensure that your site is of the highest quality on the Internet. You can certainly adjust minor details of your site on your own accord, but outsourcing the major aspects of web design is an essential part of succeeding in the competitive digital marketplace.
If you want to learn more about the biggest mistakes of DIY websites and how to avoid them, or simply work with a trusted web design company, contact MRN Designs LLC today!

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