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    The Basics of Google Adwords Every Business Owner Should Know

    Adwords is Google’s advertising network. It allows online retailers to place advertisements on almost every Google search results page, partner websites, and Youtube video. The awesome thing about Google Adwords is that you can see incredibly fast sales results, sometimes even minutes after you sign up.   It’s a pretty simple process. You can tell

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    Robo Calls to verify your Google listing are not from Google!

    I have been getting calls placed with a recorded message asking to verify my google listing, otherwise Google will drop my business listing.  BEWARE!  Curious, I hit the #1 prompt to see if it did indeed took me to a Google rep.  When I asked the gentleman who came on if we actually worked for Google

  • 3 Quick Tips for Small Business Search Engine Marketing

    ” With an estimated 12 billion internet searches conducted in the U.S. each month, over 61% of consumers turning to a search engine results list to research a product or service before making a purchase, and with only 10 seconds on average for a business’s website to make a good impression on visitors — it’s