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    Is Your Brand Prepared For the Future?

    According to NN Group, firms have about 10 seconds to make a positive impression and let potential customers know the benefits of the company and website before they navigate away from the page. Creating a vibrant site is step one when it comes to web optimization. A strong web presence helps your brand succeed now

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    3 Must-Have Features for Your New Website

    The Internet has become the number one resource for consumers to find businesses and products. With the ability to find information instantly and conveniently online, it’s no wonder that research for products happens online for 61% of users. Therefore, having a website for your business is the best marketing strategy you can have. However, your

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    How Often Should You Redesign Your Website?

    Having a beautiful and functional website is an absolute necessity in the digital age. After all, we conduct 12 billion web searches every month in the U.S. alone — so having a stellar website is crucial. But when it comes to technology, nothing lasts forever. A website that once served your business well and impressed

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    What Are the 5 Signs Your Website Needs Work?

      There are 5 signs your website needs work. Being able to recognize the 5 signs your website needs work can help you save a lot of stress and frustration. If you do not know the 5 signs your website needs work, you are not alone. A lot of business owners are in the dark.

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    7 Fast and Easy Ways to Increase Your Site’s Conversion Rate

    Businesses have now incorporated internet marketing in their operations. Use of a company website for marketing and sales purposes is a common technological trend. However, teething problems are still prevalent. There has been a consistent outcry from a number of businesses that are finding it hard to convert visitors into customers. If you are finding

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    5 Reasons a Website May Fail to Gain and Convert Customers

    Difficulties attracting and converting customers online may call for an inward look at your website and reflection on whether to undergo the website redesign process. Here are five possible reasons you may need a website redesign to attract and convert customers: Visibility Due to the sheer volume of over 1.5 billion websites, almost all online

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    5 Tips to Make Your Website Redesign Pop

    When it comes to website design, first impressions make all the difference. That’s not just a cliche expression; we mean that literally. If your website turns off visitors, they’ll click the back button, never to return. Users want to find information quickly, and attention spans are quick to wander. In fact, users tend to read

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    What Mobile-First Means For Your Website

    If it’s been some time since your last major website redesign, you could be missing out on some very big opportunities. Why is that? In the past few years, mobile device usage has skyrocketed, with more people than ever using their phones and tablets for internet access on a daily basis. Here’s what this era

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    5 Helpful Tips for Redesigning Your Business’s Website

    Nailing down the perfect web design for your small business can be tricky, especially when Internet trends are always changing. Redesigning a business’s website to stay relevant may seem like a difficult task, so here are some tips to get you get through it.   Personalization Having defined personas and personalization in your design will

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    High Time for a Website Redesign? What To Know As The Tech Landscape Changes

    In case you didn’t know, you probably need a website redesign. Why? Technology, consumer demands, and media platforms change so rapidly that the site you built even a few months ago might not be hacking it the way you had previously predicted. Of course, most small business owners can’t afford to give their website a