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5 Tips to Make Your Website Redesign Pop

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website redesign serviceWhen it comes to website design, first impressions make all the difference. That’s not just a cliche expression; we mean that literally. If your website turns off visitors, they’ll click the back button, never to return. Users want to find information quickly, and attention spans are quick to wander. In fact, users tend to read a scant 28% of the content of a page. During that time, they’re able to glean not just the written content, but also your brand identity and the overall feeling that’s picked up from the site’s aesthetic.

If you’re looking to hire a website redesign service, how can you make your brand identity clear with these aesthetic choices? And once you have their attention, how do you make sure that every second counts? Before you talking to potential web designers, you should know what goes into modern business web design. Consider these website redesign tips so you can communicate what you’re looking for.


Use Visual Signals to Show Readers What’s Most Important

As readers, our eyes are drawn to the most prominent features in a visual piece of media, which we then connect to importance. The same is true of your website. If you have a handful of menu items or visual assets, ask yourself: which are the most important for readers to focus on? Is it your contact form? A gallery? Certain menu items? Once you know that, ask your website designer how you can best bring those features forward.


Color Matters

We’ve all been to, or owned, a website whose color palette we’d like to forget (green text on a black background anybody?), and we know firsthand how color choices can affect crucial factors like readability. But even beyond making sure readers are able to easily navigate the space, color choices can be crucial in creating the mood that helps inform readers about brand identity. Think of your website like a room: if you were trying to create a relaxing environment, you wouldn’t paint your walls vibrant orange or neon pink. Your website functions in much the same way. Ask yourself: what do you want readers to feel when they arrive at your landing page? Once you know that, you can communicate with your website redesign service on how to communicate that feeling through color.


Typography Tells a Story

Much like color palettes can create a mood when readers visit a site, typography can communicate a great deal to readers in terms of both readability and design. When you’re thinking about design, look at the difference between serif and sans serif fonts. The former can be especially effective for titles head headlines, while the latter offers the clean readability needed for body paragraphs. From there, ask yourself what you want to communicate through your typeface. Are you trying to be inviting? Imposing? Playful?


Remember Mobile Compatibility

The most beautiful website in the world will be dead in the water if it’s only easily accessible on a laptop. In an era where increased connectivity means more users than ever are accessing the web through tablets and smartphones, it’s crucial to make sure that your site looks just as striking on mobile as it does on the web. When discussing possible options with your website redesign service, make sure to ask about how your site will be optimized for mobile users. During that process, refer back to our first principle of visual signals to show readers what’s most important. Is it crucial that readers see your logo? Your mission statement? Knowing that will help your designer make choices that will keep your site looking pristine no matter how it’s accessed.


Above All, Keep it Consistent

Ultimately, none of these principles will mean much if users feel like they’re visiting a different website every time they navigate from page to page. While the temptation may be to over-design or try out different identities on different pages, it’s important that users feel as though they’re receiving a unified experience from page to page. This not only means consistency with things like color and font, but also that the voice you’ve established for your website remains consistent throughout.

Overhauling your website can be a daunting task, but with help from a qualified professional website redesign service, your website can be clean, beautiful, and unified with your brand’s identity. Still have questions about the design process? Our website redesign service is here to answer your questions. Contact our team today and let us know how we can help your business create the perfect website.

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