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  • How Often Should You Publish Blog Posts for SEO?

    You’re learning more and more about digital marketing and how posting content affects your search engine rankings and traffic. But, how often do effective websites post blog content for SEO purposes? This is an important question as it will play a foundational part in a lot of decisions about how you’ll prioritize your time and

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    What Does It Take to Be Ranked #1 on Google?

    If you’re getting into digital marketing, you likely have a lot of questions. Most business owners want to know how they can rank better on search engines to increase traffic to their sites. Although Google isn’t the only search engine, they are most certainly the most influential. Ranking well on Google is one way to

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    The Most Common Pitfalls of Mobile Sites to Avoid

    As a mobile site owner, you want to ensure your site provides the best possible user experience to keep mobile users engaged and returning. However, many sites still have common pitfalls that frustrate users and drive them away. Avoid these issues to retain your mobile audience.   Ensure Your Site Loads Quickly   One of

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    Engagement 101: Keeping Your Visitors on Your Site Longer

    As a business, you should understand that your website impacts your branding and promotion. It’s not enough to have pretty pictures and pages of text on your website. You need your web content, navigation, and readability organized in a way that doesn’t turn people off. If your analytics have shown people are jumping ship quickly,

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    3 Red Flags That Your Website Needs Work

    A well-designed and properly functioning website can be a terrific marketing tool that helps new visitors learn more about your goods, services, or whatever else you might communicate via your website. Once a website is designed, built, and running, it will need maintenance, upgrades, and improvements over time. A poorly implemented website could cause you

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    4 Common Pitfalls You Should Avoid in Your Website Design

    Every business owner knows that a website is a crucial element that impacts your brand authority, reputation, and bottom line. When you’re crafting the perfect website design for your unique services, you need expert advice and constructive feedback to ensure that your site can be its best. That’s where we can help! In this blog

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    Why Is Site Accessibility So Important?

    For businesses and organizations, it’s important to make sure that every member of your user audience is able to successfully access your website. You may have users who are hearing or vision impaired, or you may have users who are only able to scroll your website with one hand. Certain design choices you make on

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    The Top WordPress Plugins Your Website Needs

    WordPress has made it easier for non-web designers to maintain the content and images of their custom-developed website once it’s been built. After our team completes your site, you will be trained on how to make updates, or we are available to help you. When we develop your site, we make good use of plugins,

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    Best Practices for Keeping Your Website Functional and Secure

    As a business owner, it’s important to keep your website functional. According to a recent study, 48% of online users stated that if they land on a business site that isn’t working well on their mobile phone, they take it as a sign that the business simply doesn’t care about quality.   While there are

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    How to Make Your Website Stand Out From the Crowd

    Today’s websites need to be more engaging than ever. According to HubSpot, in the US, there are an average of 12 billion online searches conducted each month. Out of all of these searches, the most effective websites provide visitors with engaging content and a reason to want to find out more about a company’s products