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7 Fast and Easy Ways to Increase Your Site’s Conversion Rate

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website designerBusinesses have now incorporated internet marketing in their operations. Use of a company website for marketing and sales purposes is a common technological trend. However, teething problems are still prevalent. There has been a consistent outcry from a number of businesses that are finding it hard to convert visitors into customers. If you are finding it hard to convert website visitors into customers, here are some few measures you need to incorporate in web design.

1. Create Value Proposition

One of the major mistakes that business owners make is the failure to create a value proposition for their product or services. You need to create a sense of urgency on your value proposition. Make your website designer understand what you are offering to your customers and how they are going to benefit. You need to clearly state what problem you’re going to solve and how you are differentiating yourself with your competitors.

2. Create Matching Content

Digital marketing is all about being specific on what you are selling. You need to be specific to your customers. Your website designer and content creator may not know the target customers. Therefore, you have to create content that matches the expectations of your customers. Writing too casually or using inappropriate slang could be the reason why you are finding it hard to convert visitors into customers.

3. Be Straightforward

One of the biggest mistakes of DIY websites is that they are not straightforward with their sales copy. Most of the information written about a product or service is fluff and fails to justify why customers should spend their money on a particular product. Don’t spend much time talking about your product or services. Instead, provide clear, short, precise, and honest information about your products and services. An experienced website designer will help you formulate a standout sales copy that will convert.

4. Use Call to Action Buttons

Every time visitors come into your website, they want to see what you are selling. Therefore, you must guide them and tell them what to do. You only have ten seconds to create an impression on your customers. If you fail to meet the needs of your visitors within ten seconds, they will bounce and move to another site that offers the same products and services. Call to action buttons are very useful in telling visitors what to do after logging into your site.

5. Improve Site Speed

Site speed is an important technical feature that helps in increasing conversion rates. No person will stick into your website for more than ten seconds waiting for pages to load. Get a website designer who configures your website such that it opens pages in a split second. Customers will stick around if they can move from one page to another seamlessly. The more time they spend, the more they are likely to subscribe.

6. Use High Quality Images

High quality images remain to be one of the web design trends that is currently being used to increase conversion rates in various websites. Instead of using block text on your website, provide high quality images that will keep your visitors engaged. Current trends show that people process visuals faster than written content. You can enhance your website visual by using some videos and other graphics that increase concentration.

7. Use Chat Tools

Website visitors will always have questions about your products and services. Therefore, make sure that you devise a strategy where you can communicate with your web visitors. During your website design process, you can liaise with your website designer to include chat tools that will enable visitors to ask you questions. Answering questions makes you credible and reliable and you will convert visitors who had doubts about your company.

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