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Why Do I Need To Update WordPress Plugins?


pluginsSoftware updates are repairs that fix bugs which went unnoticed during the development stage. These bugs become noticeable once the program is used in real time. Updates are therefore necessary to improve a program’s function and usability.


WordPress is a system software that operates on a web server. To keep your organization’s WordPress account working efficiently and safe from security risks, it’s necessary to update the platform and plugins.


But why is it necessary to update plugins? Can’t businesses simply deal with the bugs as they happen and move on from there? It can be dangerous to your organization’s website not to update your WordPress platform and plugins for the following reasons.


Updates reduce security risks

WordPress updates often increase security for your organization’s website. This is because the updates protect against system vulnerabilities recognized by the system’s programmers.


Hackers monitor websites looking for these same vulnerabilities. If the programmers of the system have found these weak spots, odds are hackers have also found them.


Therefore, it’s critical to update your WordPress plugins as soon as possible to keep your website safe from hackers. When a business fails to update their plugins, they’re leaving their website open for a potential data breach.


In fact, up to 83% of WordPress websites that have been hacked failed to update their platform. Only 55% of companies conduct online user experience testing, but software programmers routinely conduct tests to find possible bugs. Therefore, to protect your website, update your WordPress platform often.


Updates improve functionality

A WordPress website that hasn’t been updated can be dysfunctional, buggy, and overall problematic for the online user. Not only can this impact how online traffic interacts with your website, but it can also make producing high quality content more difficult for your business.


WordPress updates fix the bugs, make websites more functional, and even includes new features your organization can take advantage of. Therefore, consider updating your WordPress platform to improve your user experience.


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