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3 Things to Consider When Designing Your New Website

which colors should i use for my website and why

which colors should i use for my website and whyEverything is online now. Do you remember when you used to have to look up a business’s phone number in a big yellow book? Or when you actually had to go into a store to find out the store’s hours? Those days are in the past.
Now more than ever, people are searching on the internet to answer these types of questions. Especially due to smartphones, the internet is an incredibly convenient way to find information.
Now more than ever, it is critical to have a website that draws attention. What makes a great website? There are many elements that go into designing a successful website. Here are some points to consider before you get started.
First and foremost, it is important to understand what you want your website to accomplish. Set goals and avenues to achieve those goals. The website should be designed so that the consumer can easily pick up on the purpose of the website.
There are many questions about how to design your website in terms of appearance. Which colors should I use for my website and why? How many tabs should be on the homepage? These are all questions to consider when working on your website’s appearance. You want to make sure the aesthetics will appeal to your targeted audience.
Having high quality content is one of the most important elements of a successful website. Even if your site is beautifully designed, consumers may not stay if there is nothing engaging to keep them. Remember: formatting is important for keeping clients on the site. For example, the way you format a list can make or break an audience. Over 70% of readers looked at a list with bullet points compared to only 55% of people who look at lists that do not contain bullets.
The last thing to think about when you are working on the content for your website is to make sure you update it often. If your website never changes, then consumers will stop visiting it because they know they will not see anything new.
To help with all of these complicated elements, it is best to hire a website designer. You know you need a web designer when you ask yourself questions like, “which colors should I use for my website and why?” Let MRN Web Designs help make your website great!

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