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Why Should I Use The Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin?

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seo websitesMany businesses choose to use WordPress as their web platform, and it’s one of the most ubiquitous content management systems in the world. However, if you’re running a business that depends on search traffic, it isn’t enough to set up a website through WordPress using high quality content and web design.
Search engine optimization is critical to driving online traffic to your website. However, WordPress is not among the most friendly SEO websites. For this reason, many businesses and entrepreneurs choose to use the Yoast SEO WordPress plugin.
Working with the Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin
Because WordPress isn’t one of the most friendly SEO websites, the Yoast plugin helps to improve the search engine optimization of your company’s pages. Over 3 million users have downloaded the Yoast plugin to boost internet marketing and improve potential sales. When you go to publish a new page of blog, the Yoast plugin allows you to select a focus keyword and measures the SEO value of the page on a red light, yellow light, green light scale. While it’s not the most advanced SEO tool on the web (contact SEO web designers for help selecting focus keywords and truly optimizing your whole site), Yoast can offer a number of benefits to business owners.
Is your business using the Yoast plugin to boost keyword rankings? If not, consider the following benefits of using the Yoast SEO plugin with WordPress.

  1. Yoast helps you create quality content
    As you write, the Yoast plugin will check your content and make suggestions to promote internal linking. What’s more, the plugin will also ensure your blog posts are more than 300 words, that you’re using your focus keyword in the title, and that you’re writing alt text for your images using keywords.

  3. Yoast improves the readability of your content
    Online users will only read up to 28% of a web page’s content. Users are more willing to read content that’s optimized for readability. Using Yoast, you can be sure you’re using the right amount of words in your subheadings, that you’re not repeating the same word, and that you’re using transition words. The plugin also helps you shorten paragraphs and avoid passive voice.

  5. Yoast helps identify indexing problems
    If your website isn’t being indexed by Google, it’s invisible. Problems like this can make your website less SEO friendly and therefore less likely to be picked up by search engines. The Yoast plugin automatically monitors your website for these potential problems. Once the plugin identifies a problem, it’ll notify you via the dashboard so you’ll be able to efficiently fix the problem.

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