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Why Is WordPress So Popular?

wordpress vs drupal

wordpress vs drupalWhether you’re a small business owner or an independent publisher, odds are you’re familiar with WordPress (WP). Many people might argue that WP is just another content publishing system, but if that was the case, how on earth did it become so popular? Often when you think of WordPress vs Drupal, there’s no contest. WordPress wins every time!
But why is it so popular? How did it become so ubiquitous?
Keep reading to learn about just that.
WordPress Plugins
If there’s one thing WP users love about this platform, its the plugin features. The vast majority of WP plugins don’t require other plugins that update at seemingly random times. Instead, there are several plugins that serve a function and don’t require any kind of high maintenance. In addition, WP is home to an extremely diverse arrangement of plugins that can do just about everything! If you’re looking for the mother of all effective websites, this is it. In the digital revolution, WP does plugins effectively. From basic help with SEO to Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), WordPress has a plugin for almost everything.
Ease of Access
Another one of WP’s shiniest features is that it’s extremely user friendly. Want to start a digital marketing campaign on your small business’s WP site? You got it. Never started a blog before and need an easy, mobile-friendly platform? WordPress is the place to go. We may conduct 12 billion searches on the internet every month, but you’ll hardly need to search for a thing when it comes to WP. This website has an easy learning curve and a clean organizational structure. Creating your blog and keeping your visitors on your site longer are certainly attainable goals here. When you consider WordPress vs Drupal, ease of access is one of the major differences.
If you’ve never coded an entire website before, there’s no need to worry. Many users turn to WP for that exact reason. With a number of website themes provided by amateur coders and professional web designers around the world, WP is an excellent place to start if you’re just starting out. Not only that, but small businesses can even hire designers to create WP themes for them. And after the theme is designed, implementing it is simple.
In short, WordPress is popular because it offers users a clean, organized experience, which is how it became the go-to content management system in the last few years. If you have any more questions about WordPress or want to create your own website, make sure you contact MRN Designs today.

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