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3 Effective Tips To Improve Your Website’s Call To Action

biggest mistakes of diy websites

biggest mistakes of diy websitesIn digital marketing, it isn’t enough to have a well-designed website and high quality content to convert consumers to your brand. Keyword rankings may increase online traffic to your website, but to urge consumers to buy from your company you need a strong call to action.
One of the biggest mistakes of DIY websites is failing to have a call to action in the right places. Your business’s call to action is the goal you want online users to complete. Without one, you’re encouraging users to read the information on your website and leave.
But how can you ensure the call to action you use adds value to your website? The following are three tips to ensure the call to action on your website isn’t just sufficient but adds value and integrity to your business.

  1. Give value to your call to action
    A website has approximately 10 seconds to tell a consumer about their company before users begin to leave. Therefore, once you’ve gotten the consumer’s attention it’s essential to give that consumer a need to act. Identify a problem and how your company can solve it.

  3. Address the user’s questions
    A consumer is often on a webpage because they want information. Don’t deprive them of it. Consider addressing the consumer’s questions and concerns in the call to action. Let them know how easy it will be to subscribe or unsubscribe to emails. Tell them about your return policy. The user shouldn’t have to search your site for answers.

  5. Limit your calls to action
    One of the best ways to drive user conversion is to keep your call to action simple. Limit the number of actions a consumer needs to take to keep them from feeling overwhelmed. The more choices there are, the less likely the consumer will act.

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