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Mobile First And How It Affects Your Business

mobile first and how it affects your business

mobile first and how it affects your businessThere was a time when if a company wasn’t online, they were essentially obsolete. That’s still the case now, of course, but businesses have to do so much more than have a working website within the digital realm. Not only do companies, if they want to remain competitive and successful, have to have quality websites, engaging content, and a legitimate search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, they also have to have a strong emphasis on mobile compatibility.
In the last few years the mobile-first movement has been picking up steam, and website designers are getting more and more questions about this strategy. Mobile-first is a web development philosophy that holds that websites and digital applications should be developed with mobile users in mind first and foremost. Rather than having website redesigners make your existing website mobile-friendly, you should build your online presence for mobile users first, then work backwards from there.
Mobile first and how it affects your business
If your business provides a product or service (yes, that means everyone), then you need to have a legitimate mobile presence. Currently, four out of five consumers do at least some of their shopping on their mobile devices. The smartphone has essentially taken over the U.S. marketplace — and it looks like those trends are going to continue to rise. It’s likely that there will be a time in the near future when customers never even step foot inside physical stores to do their shopping. All consumer activity will be pushed into the world wide web, and all that activity will be done on smartphones and mobile devices.
Sure, consumers still use their laptops, but even those are becoming far less popular because of the ease-of-use, availability, and sheer convenience of using a smartphone.
Your business could have the most engaging website in the world, offering the greatest products and services and plenty of experience to back it up… but if a user attempts to access your website via his or her smartphone and can’t, it’s all over for that transaction. The average consumer is extremely quick to judge in this fast paced world we’re living in, as they will leave a webpage if it takes less than three seconds to load, so you need to accommodate for their every move.
If you’re not fully aware of the importance of mobile first and how it affects your business, you need to change your company’s strategy right away. This is now your most important move until you have a strong, mobile-friendly website developed.
The digital marketplace is more competitive than it has ever been, which is why it’s essential that you stay ahead of the curve at all costs. If you’re serious about improving your company and want to learn more about the importance of mobile first and how it affects your business, you need to work with experienced digital marketing services and website redesigners.

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