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Why Is It So Important to Have a Mobile Responsive Website?

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When we do workshops and networking, we are constantly mentioning that your website needs to be mobile responsive.  Notice I use the word “responsive”, not just mobile-friendly?  Mobile friendly is the first step, but even better, is responsive, mobile friendly  Responsive means that a website will show optimally for the user on not only a mobile phone, but a table, laptop, PC and large screen.


Take a look at these statistics I was reading about today:

  1. 83% of all traffic in the US will be mobile by 2018 (Zenith);
  2. 50% of US customers will conduct all their online activities on a mobile device by 2018 (Garner);
  3. By 2019, nearly 72% of digital ad spending in the US will be allocated for mobile platforms (eMarketer);
  4. The number of mobile app downloads will reach 352.9 billion by 2021 (Statista);
  5. By 2021, over $1 trillion will be spent worldwide to adapt websites and applications to the realities of the mobile-first world (Biznessapps).

Not only is mobile friendly essential to your website, but Google just announced a major change to its google ranking algorithm, called the Speed Update.  So not only does your website need to be mobile friendly, but it sure better load quickly!  Come back to our blog to learn about what you can do to help with your website’s speed!