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Blogging: The Essential Piece Of Content Marketing

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effective websitesIn today’s social media-centric environment, blogging is not only beneficial for content marketing strategies but also a key to its success. This is because posting to your organization’s social media feed isn’t enough to drive traffic to your website, increase your SEO, and develop better consumer relationships.

However, blogging can do all of these things. That being said, consider the following reasons why it’s essential to incorporate blogging into effective websites.

  1. Blogging improves SEO
    Americans conduct up to 12 billion searches a month on average. SEO is imperative for effective websites to rank higher in search engines. Blogs increase your organization’s SEO by creating fresh content that utilizes keywords throughout the articles. Additionally, routine and frequent blogging (ideally two to three times a week) about your company, your company’s services, and your products will also increase your search engine ranking.
  2. Blogging drives traffic to your website
    Effective websites utilize blogging because it helps drive online traffic. Social media interaction may earn a few likes, but blogging provides unique and original content that online users may be interested in. What’s more, blogs may come up in search engines when users type in a question. By incorporating your blogging directly into your social media platforms (i.e. linking to your website), you invite social followers to click through the link.
  3. Blogging develops stronger relationships with your consumers
    Social media can be fun, but ultimately blogging helps to connect your consumers more directly to your company. For instance, on a social media platform, you may offer comments and quick responses. However, in blogs, you can provide sources of information, tips on how to best use your company’s products and services, and respond to comments in depth. This is beneficial because consumers enjoy being informed about the services and products they’re using.

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