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Why it is important to keep WordPress Platform and Plugins updated on your website

MRN provides continued website support to our clients, after a new or redesigned website is launched.  We are stress the importance of updates from a website security and stability perspective and have put together a good summary as to why it is crucial to keep your WordPress platform and plugins updated and our best practicesw:

Why It’s Crucial to Keep Your WordPress Updated

Security: Regular updates protect your site from vulnerabilities and hacking attempts by closing security gaps in older versions.

Performance: Updates often come with optimizations that improve site speed and overall performance, enhancing user experience.

Bug Fixes: Keeping WordPress up to date resolves any issues that might hinder your site’s functionality.

Compatibility: Ensures that themes and plugins work seamlessly with the latest WordPress version.

New Features: Benefit from new tools and capabilities that come with each update, keeping your site current in the fast-evolving digital landscape.

By consistently updating WordPress, you ensure your website remains secure, efficient, and equipped with the latest features. This proactive approach helps protect against threats, improve performance, and provide a better experience for your users.


Advantages of Updating WordPress

Regularly updating your WordPress site offers numerous benefits related to performance, security, and stability. Here’s a closer look:

Enhanced Security: Updates are essential for WordPress security, reducing the risk of hacking and protecting your site from potential attacks.

Bug Fixes: Updates often address bugs from previous versions, ensuring a smoother user experience.

New Features: Each update introduces new features, improving functionality and user engagement.

Compatibility: Regular updates ensure seamless integration with themes and plugins, avoiding conflicts.

Performance Boost: Updates refine code, improve loading times, and enhance overall efficiency, providing a better browsing experience.

Staying updated showcases your commitment to a secure, professional, and technologically advanced website.

MRN’s WordPress Update Process

At MRN we adhere to best practices for updating the platform and plugins of your website, ensuring optimal results when updating WordPress:

  1. Backup Your Site: Always back up your site to prevent data loss.
  2. Update Themes and Plugins: Keep them current for security and compatibility.
  3. Test Updates: Use a staging site or local environment to test updates first.
  4. Check for Issues: Look for any problems after the update.
  5. Disable Caching Plugins: Turn off caching during updates.
  6. Monitor Performance: Keep an eye on your site’s performance post-update and fix any issues.

Regular updates enhance security, functionality, and user experience by fixing bugs and addressing vulnerabilities. To optimize the process:

  • Create a Maintenance Schedule: Regularly backup and update.  We recommend monthly or at a minimum quarterly.  Depending on how active your website is or whether or not it is ecommerce.
  • Use Trusted Sources: Only download themes and plugins from reputable sources.
  • Stay Informed: Keep up with WordPress news and releases.

To keep your website stable and updated, contact MRN Web Designs for a complimentary consultation!