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Web Design Trends To Avoid: Why No One Is Coming To Your Website


websitesWhen marketing directors ask why isn’t anyone coming to my website they tend to look for the latest digital marketing and web design trends. This can be both a blessing and a curse. Yes, some of the latest web design trends are incredible and do help businesses increase their numbers of online traffic.
However, not every digital marketing and web design trend is a good one. Here are two current web design trends to avoid in order to keep the online traffic coming to your website:
Infinite scrolling
Infinite scrolling is a new web design feature meant to create a sense of ease in its users. A user who doesn’t have to constantly click to the next page in order to view more content is a happy user. Right? Not exactly.
Infinite scrolling works best on artistic websites like Pinterest and Tumblr where artists can post their work as well as other crafts online for like-minded users to look at freely. However, infinite scrolling on other websites can often give your users a sense of discomfort the same way an open layout in a large house can make it feel empty.
Unless your website is an artistic one, opt out of using infinite scrolling to give your website a sense of structure. This will increase usability, which makes your website that much more accessible to online users.
Parallax websites
The art of a good parallax website is to create the illusion of depth with layers of content and display features. However, businesses that use parallax websites to replace a standard website often end up with too much content on a single page when the information should be on multiple pages.
These types of websites can also be difficult to use because of the amount of time they take to load. Unless a user’s Internet is fast, it could cause the webpage to low considerably slowly. This can cause the user to click away before they even look at your product.
This is especially bad because up to 61% of Internet users research a company’s product online. If your website prevents them from seeing your product, there a very high chance it won’t sell. One of the key possible answers to the question “why isn’t anyone coming to my website?” could very well be because no one can get to your website. Check the loading time of your site on multiple devices. If the loading time is over five seconds, something needs to go.
If you’re asking yourself why isn’t anyone coming to my website, you may have a problem with your web design and not your branding. However, if a shift in web design isn’t helping to promote your business’ website, there may be something else wrong with your site. Contact MRN Designs LLC today for website development to get your business back on track to success.

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