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How To Protect Your Company Website Against Hackers

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internet marketingYou’ve worked hard to establish your business’ online presence. You’ve altered your web page according to the biggest mistakes of DIY websites, you’ve updated your website routinely to ensure high quality content, you’ve read hundreds of tips for Internet marketing techniques, and you’ve learned how to improve keyword rankings for SEO purposes.
Now you just have to protect all the hard Internet marketing work you’ve done. Anyone can be hacked and have their information stolen. But hacking is especially problematic for businesses. A simple virus or piece of malware can lose you customers and even your company. So what steps can you take to guarantee the protection of your company’s website?

  1. Stay up to date
    Americans conduct up to 12 billion searches a month on the Internet. But that’s nothing compared to the thousands of websites hackers scan every minute looking for vulnerabilities.
    Your business’ website becomes vulnerable to these hackers when you fail to update your software immediately. Update your security and computer software periodically to ensure no hackers take advantage of the interim period. Pay attention to hacking news as well in order to have precautionary methods available should any new hacking threat affect your company.

  3. Strengthen access control and security
    Be sure when you choose to include passwords and usernames for your business’ website that you’re using passwords that are complex. The less likely it is for the hacker to guess the password, the harder it will be for them to access your information.
    Additionally, be sure that you change your passwords every couple of months or weeks and that the temporary passwords providing access to the website are able to expire over a short period of time.

  5. Have a strong firewall installed
    The human skin acts as the first barrier of defense against disease. A firewall works the same way for your computer software and website. Without a firewall, your website may fall victim to hackers at any time. By purchasing a modern web application firewall through one of the various cloud based services available, you can protect your website by enabling the filtering of online traffic such as spammers, hackers, and bots.

Protect your company’s website from hackers that could steal your sensitive information For a more secure website to help you concentrate on your business, contact our professional web developers and designers at MRN Designs LLC today.

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