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How Can I Keep Users On My Website Longer?

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website designThe first step in effective internet marketing is keeping your users and potential customers on your web page. The longer your users stay on your page, the more likely you’ll be able to make a sale or remain in the user’s memory for a later date.

Even for the most skilled web developers and marketing services, keeping a user on a website can be a challenge. However, by identifying your design issues and making key changes to your content, you can ensure that your website design will not only attract potential customers but will also keep them on your page for longer.

  1. Provide content related to the headline
    A common problem in website design is the content provided on the page. It’s good to have an engaging title in order to draw in users. But when that content deters from the headline that initially caught their eye, it can be frustrating on the customer’s end. You’ve essentially lied to them. Therefore, when you include catchy headlines, be sure the content correlates directly to that headline or answers the question without fail.

  3. Provide content that’s legible for the user
    Only 55% of businesses test their online user experience. This is a problem because a user will determine whether to stay on your website within the first few seconds. One of the best ways to give a good first impression is to ensure the legibility of your website design. The font you choose should be a sans-serif font. Type should be 14 pt in size. Colors should be neutral unless it’s an accent in the header.

  5. Provide internal links
    Your users won’t stay on your website if you give them reasons to leave. Limit the use of external links. Use internal links to bring your users to other pages that may interest them or answer their questions.

  7. Provide scannable content
    The reason why bulleted lists are so popular in modern website design is that users often don’t read the entirety of the website. They scan. Instead of fighting the current, relax and follow the digital revolution. Use listed content. Use shorter content. Answer questions effectively.

Digital marketing and creating an effective internet marketing presence is more than improving one’s SEO rankings. Your website design needs to keep your users interested as long as possible. To improve your user rankings and website development, contact the professional web designers of MRN Designs LLC today.

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