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Cyber Security Solutions Your Business Hasn’t Considered Yet

how do we prevent our website from being hacked

how do we prevent our website from being hacked“How do we prevent our website from being hacked?” is a common question among small businesses and large businesses alike. Odds are, you’ve already done the basics of protecting your website and confidential data such as changing passwords frequently, keeping admin information safe, and installing web application firewalls.
However, there’s more you can do to help ensure the safety of your website from hackers aside from the basics in website maintenance. How do we prevent our website from being hacked? Consider the following web development solutions below:
Reduce the number of files you upload
In the United States, Internet users conduct up to 12 billion searches every month on average. Viruses and phishing scams tend to come from files downloaded from sketchy look-alike websites or scam emails.
However, businesses should be equally concerned with uploads. Bugs can get into your system’s data when you upload files, rendering your information readily available to hackers. Contact your web design company for information on an outside root directory to help prevent direct access to uploaded data files.
Remove access to personal information
Web visibility is essential, but it can be dangerous when search engines are able to list your website’s admin pages. Hackers can easily find your website’s admin pages when they’re indexed by search engines.
This makes your business’s confidential data that much more easy to steal. Use robots_txt files to keep search engines from listing your admin pages and to discourage hackers from locating them.
However, hackers may still be able to access your business’ confidential information if you’re not following encrypted SSL protocol. Encrypted SSL protocol helps to keep personal information safe when transferring data between one’s database and website.
Don’t trust encryption software
Hiding your code may seem like a great idea, but the software designed to encrypt the code on your webpages doesn’t actually do the job. This is because browsers need access to your web page code. Therefore, the “encryption” of your web pages are easier to get around by hackers than you would think.
But if a business can’t prevent hackers from reading web page data, how do we prevent our website from being hacked? MRN Designs LLC is a website design company that works to keep your website up to date, up to speed, and up in security. For more information on web development and cyber security for your website, contact MRN Designs LLC today.

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