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The Most Common Pitfalls of Mobile Sites to Avoid

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As a mobile site owner, you want to ensure your site provides the best possible user experience to keep mobile users engaged and returning. However, many sites still have common pitfalls that frustrate users and drive them away. Avoid these issues to retain your mobile audience.


Ensure Your Site Loads Quickly


One of the biggest complaints mobile users have is slow load times. With sometimes spotty cell reception and data speeds, you need to optimize your site to load fast. Use compressing images, minimal code, and stripped-down design to allow rapid loading. Test your site’s speed and aim for a load time of under three seconds. If it takes too long, mobile users will simply click away.


Make Tap Targets Large and Responsive


The mobile user taps and swipes with their finger, not a precise mouse. So you need large, spread-out tap targets for links and buttons. Tightly packed elements that work on desktop sites frustrate mobile users. Ideally, make tap targets at least 40px by 40px in size with spacing between them. Also, ensure tap targets resize and reposition for the best experience.


Simplify Navigation


The smaller screen size means you need to simplify and streamline navigation. Dropdown menus and complex navigation bars don’t work well. Use a “hamburger” icon for the main menu and make sure menu links have enough padding to be easily tapped. Also, allow users to easily get back to the main page. Adding breadcrumb trails can also help the mobile user understand their position in your site’s architecture.


Target Location for Relevant Content


You can take advantage of a mobile device’s built-in GPS and geolocation to target content specifically for the mobile user’s location. For example, show deals and listings for businesses close by or local weather and news stories. According to Search Engine Journal, nearly one in three mobile searches is related to a specific location. Personalized location-based content adds great value that desktop sites can’t provide. Just make sure to only access location data with user permission.


By avoiding these common mobile site pitfalls that frustrate users, you can retain more mobile traffic and provide a better experience for your audience. Test your site on actual devices to identify issues and optimize for smartphones and tablets. Keep the mobile user experience in mind with every design choice. If you need help creating the perfect mobile website, reach out to MRN Web Designs for help.