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Engagement 101: Keeping Your Visitors on Your Site Longer

keeping your visitors on your site longer

As a business, you should understand that your website impacts your branding and promotion. It’s not enough to have pretty pictures and pages of text on your website. You need your web content, navigation, and readability organized in a way that doesn’t turn people off. If your analytics have shown people are jumping ship quickly, you should utilize these tips for keeping your visitors on your site longer.


Optimize Content

Have you ever been on a website that took forever to load? Unless it was a website you needed to use for work or other necessities, you probably eventually clicked away and found another source. Well, guess what? You’re not alone, because that’s what the average person does. Almost 50% of people will give up on any website that’s taken more than two seconds to load, according to Blue Corona. The reality is there are way too many websites out there for people to sit at their computer all day waiting for a page to come up. Optimize all those images and videos to make sure they’re not wearing your web page down.


Make It Scannable

It could take someone as little as 10 to 20 seconds to decide if they’re going to spend more time on a website or leave. Therefore, make your content as scannable as possible. Have a clean and attractive design, use headers, and space out paragraphs instead of having walls of text.


Structure the Navigation Well

According to Forbes, you shouldn’t allow users to click more than two times to get anywhere important on your website. Regardless of your web content or theme, people should intuitively know where to go and where to click. The navigation should be useful and make sense, which is why it’s essential to have a professional website designer or digital marketing team help you out.


Add a Call to Action

Use a call to action at the end of every post. Giving a related article to click on is one of the more effective ways of keeping your visitors on your site longer. Direct them to share your article online or make a purchase from your online store.


As you can see, you have ways of keeping your visitors on your site longer. Pay attention to your website design, content, layout, and optimization, and direct the user to make an action. For help with this, contact MRN Web Designs today for assistance with web design, SEO, and more.