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The Importance of UX/UI in Website Design

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When it comes to professional website design, it’s vital that certain technical elements are addressed. UX and UI design are central to this discussion. These may sound like complicated technical terms, but at the base, it’s really a simple concept. UX stands for User Experience and UI stands for User Interface. Both user experience and user interface should inform many of the decisions that are made during website design. Let’s look a little deeper at why these concepts are important and how professional website designers can help you address them.


UI Design


The user interface of a site or application is the feature that will allow each user to interact with the product or service. This is a significant aspect of your entire design strategy because this is where you will either gain a loyal customer or lose a potential client. Even if customers or users are tech experts, they’ll know immediately if an interface is user-friendly or not. The site will be visually appealing and easily skimmable. For example, according to Forbes, 70% percent of people looked at bullet point lists over the 55% of people who read lists without bullets. UI ensures typeface, layout, and more are user-friendly. This is why time must be spent researching and experimenting with different approaches to ensure that you hit upon an interface design that accommodates user preferences and facilitates a smooth experience. This includes appearance, responsiveness, effectiveness, and accessibility.

UX Design


User experience is the term used to address the many strategies and techniques that are used to make sure a product is customized and suitable for the audience you have in mind. If the product is not appealing to the intended customer base, it’s likely to simply get ignored. A well-designed UX is simple to use, intuitive, and user-friendly. When the UX design is on point, then customers will have a good experience and will keep returning to your website.

Combing UX and UI


In a well-designed site, UX and UI are seamlessly integrated into one another. This is one of the reasons why it’s so vital to have an expert work on your professional web design. Unless you are a professional site designer yourself, it’s unlikely that you’ll have the skills and resources necessary to transform a site into something that accommodates the needs of your audience.


This is just a little taste of the many things that go into great site design. If you’re looking for help with professional web design, please contact us at MRN Web Designs today.