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How to Improve the User-Friendliness of Your Website to Boost Conversions

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Content marketing is a great way to bring potential customers to your website. However, once those users land on your site, it’s up to your messaging, products or services, and the overall usability of your site to turn those potential customers into converted clients. If you haven’t been seeing conversions as well as you’d like, here’s how you can improve the UX design of your website to make your users feel more welcome.


Use Common Symbols and Imagery


According to Website Builder, about 38% of users won’t engage with a website that has an unattractive design. While this may seem superficial at first glance, attractive web design comes down to three things: simplicity, usability, and accessibility. When users visit your site, they should know exactly where to go based on the shapes, colors, and uniformity of your website’s layout, buttons, and menu options.


While it can be tempting to try to set your company apart from the crowd and use star-shaped buttons or icons as shortcuts to your navigation menu, this can negatively impact the UX design of your site and lead to confusion, frustration, and user pain points that send users clicking away before they hear what your company has to say. That said, make sure to use common symbols and imagery that your users already know, like rectangular or oval buttons and hamburger-shaped menu options.


Make Sure Your Website Is Responsive


When it comes to responsive web design, your web design services may design your site for desktop or mobile first and then design the other version of the site. Most content management systems have responsive design built in, but it’s good to make sure that certain UX design features translate over into mobile or desktop in a way that’s user-friendly. For example, you may have multiple graphics on your website that look best on a desktop but make the mobile version look cluttered. Making those adjustments early on will ensure your site is just as usable for mobile-first users as it is for those on computers.


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