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Signs It’s Time to Update Your Website Theme on WordPress

update website themes

update website themes

Your website should be constantly updated for it to retain maximum functionality. If you are using WordPress, your theme is one of the elements that you will need to update from time to time. There are several ways to know that it’s time to update website themes. Here is how you will know.


An Update Will Be Available

WordPress theme providers make updates available from time to time. When it’s time to update website themes, they will likely notify you via email that an update is available. Some people don’t update their websites regularly for fear of losing customizations. This is a valid reason. However, for your website to perform better, you need to keep up with updates. Theme developers usually update when they have noticed a bug or error that needs to be fixed. Therefore, when you update, you will have a better-performing website.


You Have a Poor User Experience

Stepping away from development, you must consider whether your site is appealing to visitors or not. Theme updates will improve the appearance of your website when they are available. This is very important. Users prefer content in a visual format, which is why there are more than 50 billion online video content views per month.


Therefore, to ensure that your website has a good user experience, you need to stay up to date with your theme updates. Once your site is no longer engaging visitors or becomes difficult to use and hard to navigate, check to see if there is an update available.


Your Site Isn’t Responsive.

Your site should adapt to various devices and browsers. Nowadays, people are increasingly accessing websites from mobile browsers. Therefore, if your website starts failing to deliver content in a way that suits mobile screens, it will be time for a theme update. To assess this, check what your site looks like on a mobile phone:


  • Is your content being reorganized when you rotate the screen?
  • Do you see a different navigation bar on the phone screen?
  • Does your site look the same on different browsers?
  • Has the font changed on mobile devices?
  • Are your font sizes legible on mobile devices?


Ideally, you must update website themes whenever an update is available. However, if your website is performing optimally and you are afraid of losing customization, you might have to update when you start facing some functionality and usability issues. Ready to upgrade your website? Consult with MRN Web Designs today!