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Why Does My Website Have High Bounce Rates for Mobile Users?

mobile user

mobile user

More people than ever are meeting their needs online, and this is why you should aim to reach people via the internet. The bounce rate, which is the time that people spend on your website, can be used to gauge whether you are doing things the right way or not. To improve the experience that each mobile user gets while on your site and therefore lower the bounce rate, here is what you need to troubleshoot.

It Is Not Mobile-Friendly

Many people access the internet through their phones and this should inspire you to make sure that your site is mobile-friendly. Optimizing it for the average mobile user will improve their experience and increase the chances that they will stay on for longer. Take the time to ensure that images and links are loading as they should on mobile devices and you will see a lower bounce rate.

Meta Description Is Misleading

There are few things that users hate more than clickbait. To improve the chances of your site’s visitors staying on your site for longer, always make sure that the meta description or title tag is correct and relevant. If a visitor to your site gets the slightest feeling that they are being taken for a ride, they will leave immediately. Keep this from happening by making sure that the meta description is an accurate summary of the content within.

Loading Speed Is Low

A mobile user browsing your site often has many other options for finding similar content and so if your site loads too slowly, they will simply leave. To keep your bounce rate low, make sure that your site loads fast on mobile devices by optimizing it for mobile use and using the right size of images. This will improve a user’s experience on your site and make it easier for them to look around and therefore stay longer.

Since users only read just a little more than 28% or a quarter of the content that is on a webpage, making sure that what they see on your site is informative and helpful to them will inspire them to hang around. Times have changed and nowadays, people are in a hurry as they perform multiple tasks simultaneously. You should work hard to make sure your website is a good enough resource that they stay longer and come back in the future. To get the help you need, be sure to consult with MRN Web Designs today!