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Learn a Thing or Two From These Successful Apps


appsIf a company develops an awesome app, that company is pretty much set for a long time. Whether you’re trying to improve your domain authority, find more readers for your high quality content, or simply grow your brand, you can probably learn a thing or two from these amazing apps.
Here are some of the most popular apps that can teach you about successful business strategies.
This app is great for people who are constantly on the go and want to read up on important articles while offline. Users are able to save any amount of articles for later and can simply store them elsewhere after finishing. One of the better marketing strategies that the Pocket app uses is email campaigns. The app prompts its users to signup for a weekly newsletter that allows the company to send out a list of the most popular stories of that week, further promoting its own brand.
This app is perhaps one of the greatest on the market. Spotify itself is growing into one of the most successful brands of 2017 and looks like that trend is going to continue. Not only does this app work really well on all platforms, but Spotify itself is standing out on social media more than just about any other application out there, certainly more than any music app.
This app works great for people who are trying to further their professional careers. One thing the company does a great job of is helping its users learn new things about the app. Though its basic option is fairly straightforward, Evernote can actually get pretty complicated. But the company sends out videos, emails, and additional messages to help users maneuver through the app and lends assistance.
One of the reason that these three companies are doing so great is because they are actually testing their products on users before they go live with any updates or new features. For some strange reason, only 55% of organizations actually conduct any online user experience testing.
Don’t set your business up to fail by not conducting any user experience testing or ignoring audience engagement. Follow in the footsteps of some of these great companies and work extra hard this year developing your new apps. If you want to learn more about Internet marketing or want to speak with web designers, contact MRN Designs LLC today!