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3 Ways to Increase Your Website’s Usability

ui design

ui designUI design is important for the usability of your website and for increasing web traffic among online users. To boost the digital marketing of your responsive website, it’s necessary to consider ways in which you can increase the usability of your website’s design and boost its accessibility. The following list is a number of suggestions to increase the usability of your website to drive positive online feedback.

  1. Focus on font size
    One of the best ways to make the UI design better on your website is the maximize the size of the font on the web page. This doesn’t mean to make the font excessively big, but the size of the font should be at least 14 pt. While small fonts may seem more appealing, a larger font is less straining on the eyes of your website’s viewers and is relatively age-friendly for both older and younger viewers.
    Additionally, a larger font size makes it easier for your website’s users to find the information they’re looking for. Internet consumers only read up to 28% of a web page’s content. If your font size is 14 pt or above and the text of your website is separated into well-spaced paragraphs, it generally creates a visually appealing design that will keep your users on your web page longer.

  3. Include white space
    In addition to font size is the use of white space for UI design. Some feel that in graphic design, white space is seen as negative because you want to use as much space as possible in a design without overcrowding the piece. However, white space in website design, especially in terms of UI design and the usability of the interface, is considerably beneficial. White space makes the content on the website more legible and allows the user to focus on the characteristics of the website around the high-quality content.

  5. Use images strategically
    Although the interface of a website has become faster with the introduction of CSS in addition to HMTL5, the excessive use of images can still slow down a website as well as mobile responsiveness because of loading time. Online users come to a website and expect the speed of the site to be fast. If the website loads for more than a couple of seconds, the user is likely to click away from the site to find their information elsewhere.
    Additionally, consumers are online constantly and therefore many have seen the same stock photos over and over again. Thus, if you utilize stock photos on your website, be sure they’re not incredibly common as this will make your website appear overly generic, boring, and untrustworthy.

When it comes to the usability of a website and website optimization, be sure to consider the design of the website from the perspective of your consumers. Don’t put too much color or too many images on your website as these may overwhelm your consumers and make it difficult to find the information they’re looking for. Your website should be clear and concise, easy to read, and visually appealing.