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3 Popular Apps: What Made Them Succeed?


appsWhat makes an app successful? Although most of the time it’s because of its sheer practical use or how entertaining it actually is, the most popular apps usually offer more than just a working application. Here are a few of the most popular apps in the world over the last few years and a little bit about what made each one as successful as it was.

Pokemon Go

The nostalgia factor goes a long way in digital marketing trends, that’s for sure. Everyone who ever played Pokemon back in the late 1990s and early 2000s remembered how much fun they had chasing those little creatures around so jumped at the idea to do so again in 2017.

Another reason this app was so tremendously successful, even for a short period of time, is because of the word-of-mouth that was associated with Pokemon Go. The nostalgia is one thing, but when you couldn’t turn the dial on the radio to a station without hearing about how much they love or hate this new sensation had an enormous effect on the game’s popularity. Roughly 61% of worldwide Internet users research products online before use, and just about anyone who regularly uses apps heard about Pokemon Go after logging online once or twice.

Words With Friends

This app was so popular because anyone can enjoy playing it, from middle school students trying to improve their vocabulary skills or grandparents playing their siblings on the other side of the country. Also, playing this game felt productive. It seemed like even if you were just trying to kill time while waiting your a flight or to see your dentist, that if you were playing Words With Friends you were like studying.

Angry Birds

Only the rock band KISS can rival the amount of branding success that Angry Birds has enjoyed. The game was simple, fun, and filled with new levels, sure, but the absolute main reason Angry Birds took off was the stellar marketing strategy. There are seemingly Angry Birds merch tables at nearly every kids store in the world — that’s a strong brand.

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