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How Often Should You Publish Blog Posts for SEO?

You’re learning more and more about digital marketing and how posting content affects your search engine rankings and traffic. But, how often do effective websites post blog content for SEO purposes? This is an important question as it will play a foundational part in a lot of decisions about how you’ll prioritize your time and plan your content calendar. Let’s look at a few things to consider when you’re deciding how often to post blog content.

Frequency Matters

Along with all of the other details of your digital marketing strategy and your SEO methods, frequency of posting matters. There is a correlation between frequency and overall organic traffic. Frequency is dependent on your goals. However, you should always keep in mind that quality is always more important than frequency. You should never post more just to be posting if the quality of content is being sacrificed.

SEO Goals

Two to three times per week seems to be a sweet spot for posting SEO-rich blog content as long as that content is of very high quality and relevant to the readers. This frequency, however, could vary depending on other factors as well. Some marketing goals would benefit from daily posting. This applies to newer sites that may not already have a library of valuable content for visitors to reference. This takes time and in the early days of your site, and you may need to post every day to get this collection built up.

Experiment to Find a Good Frequency

You’ll want to experiment with different types of posts, different frequencies, and different lengths of posts to find out what works well for your audience. According to Backlinko, long-form content receives 77.2% more clicks than shorter blogs or articles. Keep this in mind when you’re creating content to ensure you have a good mix of long and short forms.

As with most aspects of running a business, finding what works best for your audience or customers and for you is trial and error. These are just a few basic tips to get you started in the right direction. If you’d like to learn more about digital marketing and SEO, contact us at MRN Web Designs for a complimentary consultation. We are here to help you create effective websites.