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Top Website Design Trends of 2024

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Web design is no longer an optional addition you can consider for your business. It’s now an essential part of any effective marketing plan. According to Forbes, 73% of companies invest their marketing budgets in web design in order to differentiate their brands. You can’t afford to ignore web design trends and techniques. Let’s look at a few web design trends that are making waves in 2024.


Dense, Rich Graphics


Shortening attention spans means that your website needs to effectively grab the attention of visitors, and this is accomplished through dense, rich graphics. You want complexity, color, texture, and patterns. This will help create even more immersive experiences for your customers. The clean minimalist appearances of the past are no longer effective in reaching today’s audiences. Creating this type of design will require the help of professional web designers.


Parallax Scrolling


This technique allows the background content to move at a different speed than the foreground content. This creates an illusion of depth and creates a more interesting experience for your site visitors. Although this may seem like a small graphic touch, it is very effective at enhancing the storytelling on your site.


Kinetic Typography


This type of web design makes it possible to use animated text to capture your audience’s attention. This goes back to the need for rich, dense graphics to grab the attention of readers. This engages your readers on another layer. Not only are they reading the text but it’s entertaining as well. Many web design professionals believe that kinetic typography will revolutionize web design as a whole.




This is defined as small interactive elements on a website that help respond to the actions of users. For instance, hovering over a button or clicking on an icon may include an interactive element such as visuals or sounds. Although this is a subtle design element, it is a significant way to enhance a user’s interaction with the site and make them feel more connected with your brand.


These are just a few web design trends that you can expect to see grow in popularity in 2024. Of course, web design can be tricky, especially when you’re not a designer yourself. That’s where we come in. At MRN Web Designs, you can feel confident knowing the design of your website is in the right hands. Reach out to our experienced team today for more information about our web design services or to schedule a consultation with us.