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5 Signs Your Website is Stuck in the 2010s

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For most businesses, their website is the focal point of their internet marketing. As a result, it is critical that the website seems clean, inviting, and current. If you believe your website is becoming antiquated or isn’t as aesthetically appealing as your rivals’, it might be time to explore a redesign. Below are five signs that your website is stuck in the 2010s and urgently needs a redesign.

Sign 1: It Poorly Represents the Business’ Brand

If your website is outdated, it may not accurately represent your company’s current identity or branding. If you perceive your company to be modern yet it has an old website, you may make an incorrect impression on your target customers/clients. You should ensure that your website accurately reflects your current corporate values.

Sign 2: It’s Not Accessible for Mobile Devices

Your website’s readership is no longer limited to PCs. Mobile devices have grown incredibly popular, which means that an increasing number of individuals are checking out your website from various smartphones, tablets, and phablets. Your webpage must adapt to your customers’ changing screen size requirements. Your website should accommodate all of these varied screen sizes. A website redesign should be done. Otherwise, you will jeopardize the user experience.

Sign 3: It Has an Outdated Design

Check out your webpage. Is it largely text lines and content boxes? If this is the case, it’s time for a change. Reading online content is not the same as reading a book. Users skim headlines, click, and leave. They’ll click and go elsewhere if they don’t find what they’re looking for. According to Adobe, around 38% of website visitors do not interact with unappealing web design.

Sign 4: It Has Slow Page-Loading Speed

Most pages took roughly eight seconds to load during the dial-up internet era. That’s just too long for current customers, who will abandon anything that takes up too much time. Your bottom line will suffer if your website’s loading time is slower than a snail climbing on an icicle. Keep track of webpage speed tests to see how quickly your website loads.

Sign 5: It Isn’t SEO-Optimized

Previously, many estate agents ignored the value of SEO, allowing their competitors to steal their traffic and consumers. Is your website properly optimized? If your site cannot be discovered on Google, it may be time to explore a web redesign to ensure it is properly optimized. This will help in increasing traffic and generating more leads.

Does your website possess one or more of the traits highlighted above? If yes, it’s time for a website redesign. Give us a call today to get it designed by web design experts.

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