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Should You Have a Company Instagram Account?

If you’re thinking about utilizing Instagram for business, you might wonder if it’s worth it or if a publicity campaign on the platform can yield results. An Instagram account helps a business reach many of the app’s users via content marketing and provides tools that help you sell your business more effectively. Below are reasons why you should get an Instagram account for your business.

Customers Use It to Look-Up Businesses

Customers will look you up on Instagram. They may search for you by name or hashtags related to your business or area. In either case, not finding you is a frustrating experience. Even if you don’t intend to be very active on Instagram, setting up an account with your company name, contact details, and a few posts showcasing your brand is a good idea.

It’s a Trust Signal

An Instagram account, particularly a verified Instagram account, indicates that your company is credible, genuine, and transparent. If you handle online business, having another social account where your consumers can learn about your business is extremely beneficial.

Create Adverts and Promotional Posts

If you have the means to push your Instagram posts and advertise on the app, you should set up a business profile. A business account allows you to create your own sponsored advertisements, which you can follow using Insights. Instagram ads are an excellent method to raise brand recognition, broaden your reach, and target particular groups. According to WeAreSocial, adverts on Instagram can reach 44% of Americans.

Access to Contact Information

A contact option in your account bio includes information such as an email address, phone number, or physical address. This information gives your company legitimacy and makes it simple for potential clients to contact you.

Drive Traffic Back to Your Site

It’s not only things you can promote on Instagram; it’s also infographics, blog pieces, and any other information you publish on your website. Instagram is another social medium via which you can drive traffic back to your website.

Attract New Talent

When individuals think about working for a new firm, they want to know what it’s like. Giving people a transparent look behind-the-scenes on Instagram (and other social media platforms in general) is a terrific approach to showcasing your business culture.

An Instagram account proves beneficial for the many reasons above. It grants a business greater visibility to target customers and allows customers to interact with businesses better. Do you need content marketing assistance? Give us a call today.

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