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4 Tips to Help You Choose a New Color Scheme After Your Website is Redesigned

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website redesignedOnce your website redesign is underway, you’re going to have to make a lot of decisions. You want to make sure your audience can actively engage with your new web design, so you want to keep things like mobile-friendliness, easy navigation, calls to action, and colors in mind. Here are a few tips to help you select the colors for your new website.


Understand the psychology behind colors


Web designers will tell you that colors are more than just colors; they actually all have their own meanings. For instance, yellow typically brings out optimism and youthfulness for those who look at it. Blue can create a sensation of trust and security, which is why it’s used often for banks and businesses. Pink is romantic, and so on. You want to choose a color that evokes emotions that relate the best to your business and purpose.


Think about your audience


When you’re choosing your new colors, think about your audience. Is your audience mostly females, males, adults, children, everyone, etc.? Certain colors appeal to different demographics in different ways. For example, bright colors like green work better for kids compared to adults.


Decide how many colors you want to use


It’s recommended that you use about three colors when you’re getting your website redesigned. The first is the main color that will cover about 60% of the space. Then, you should pick a color to contrast the main color that will cover about 30% of the space. Finally, an accent color will cover about 10% of the website and should complement either the primary or secondary color.


Keep your brand in mind


Last, but not least, think about your brand when you’re choosing colors. Pick colors that represent your values with a mix of color psychology rules to get the best combination for your site.


Interestingly enough, online users only read about 28%, or slightly more than one-quarter, of the content that they see on a web page. What else are they looking at? Well, your colors, for one thing. When getting your website redesigned, you want to make sure the colors you choose reflect your business. Think about your audience, your brand, and you’ll be ready to launch the new site!

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