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Why Is it Important to Have Google Analytics on Your Website?

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web development servicesWeb development services like Google Analytics can be incredibly beneficial for any small business owners with a website. Here are some things Google Analytics can tell you that can help make your business more successful.

How visitors found your website

In this digital world, there are over one billion websites on the internet. Each one of those sites is trying to get attention from its desired audience. The main purpose of your website is for people to be able to find it, so knowing how they found it is important. You know what strategies are working and which are not, so you know if you should focus more on pay-per-click advertising, SEO services, direct email marketing, etc.

What keyword they used to get to your site

Google Analytics can also tell you what keywords were used in search engines by visitors to get to your website. This is especially important to know if you’re using web development services like SEO. When you know the keywords that are working to get people on your site, you can make sure to optimize those as well as work on the ones that are not ranking yet.

What people do on your site

After you figure out what bring visitors to your website, Google Analytics can tell you what is keeping them there. You will be able to understand what parts of your website are actually getting traction. You will know how long people spend on your site and what pages they click through. This information can tell you if you need to redesign your website or improve your content to get visitors to stay longer.

Which of your pages are popular

To add to the previous section, Google Analytics can also tell you which of your pages are popular and which are not. It’s not uncommon for you to have pages that get more traffic than others. Knowing this information can help you analyze why certain pages work and create a strategy for future success.

Roughly 61% of Internet users around the world research products online. For this reason, it’s important for you to have a good website so users can find it and stay on it. In order to achieve that, Google Analytics can help you understand your website so you can leap towards success.