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Weathering Google Algo Updates

search engine optimization tips

search engine optimization tips

Google’s algorithm has undergone a lot of changes over the years. If you want your site to continue performing well, you need to find a way to weather these changes. However, instead of focusing on surviving one algorithm change at a time, it’s important to find search engine optimization tips to make your site compatible with Google’s core goal.

Focus on the Quality of Your Content

To sail through Google’s Algo changes, you need to ensure that your content is in line with Google’s general guidelines and search engine optimization tips. For instance, you need to always post content that provides original information, research, and analysis. Google is always looking for new fresh content, and it helps if you don’t just regurgitate what you find on other blogs on the internet. You must also ensure that the content you post provides a substantial description of the subject. Google wants to ensure that they provide answers without having people do a lot of work to get to them. In other words, if your content is thin and without real facts, you are less likely to rank high.

Present Your Content Well

It is important to ensure that the content you post has no spelling or stylistic issues. This is one of the most important search engine optimization tips. You must always check if there are any grammar or spelling errors. Additionally, you need to ensure that your content is easy to read. For instance, having a faint color or a white background will render your content hard to read. You must also take time to produce your content well. It is important to include custom graphics, videos, and images to ensure that the overall presentation is good. Just writing content isn’t enough nowadays. You need to go a step further to improve the reader experience.

Compare Your Content to Other Websites

It’s important to ask yourself comparative questions about your content. For instance, you will want to check whether your content provides substantial value that users won’t get from other pages. This means that before you post your content, you need to ensure that it’s superior in quality, otherwise, there will be no reason for Google to place it higher than other websites. According to Backlinko, long-form content will get 77.2% more links compared to shorter blogs and articles. This means that there already is some sort of comparison on the internet, and if you don’t get ahead of things, you will find yourself at the bottom of search results.

These are some of the things that you can do to weather Google Algo storms. Instead of focusing on creating a lot of content and changing each time to suit the new algorithm requirements, you need to think about the overall goal of Google and let it guide you when creating content.

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