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Tips for Creating a New Website

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Every successful venture starts with a good plan. And the creation or redesign of your website is no exception. There’s a lot of creativity and a lot of promise in creating or redesigning a website for your business, association, or work, but there also many missteps that can be taken. Read on for some actionable tips that will help you and the webmaster or design company you’re working with craft an appealing and responsive web design that will work for you for years to come.

Start with an Effective and Inspiring Plan

Whether you are making all the decisions or working with a team or a number of teams, an organized plan for your website, including the desired objectives and goals, is essential to getting off on the right foot. Using a web design firm will help to keep you and your team on track. A good web design company will likely make certain that these things are seen to when creating the plan for your new website or website redesign:

  • How your site will engage customers
  • Making sure the the design of the site is in line with your company’s aesthetics and brand
  • The development of the site
  • Securing content, such as copywriting, photography, online store, and other necessities
  • Testing the website for desktop and mobile, both before launch and after
  • A successful launch
  • Integrating your online presence and content into your promotional and marketing efforts

Gather and Evaluate Your Resources

Besides the expenses of hosts and domains, there are a number of other things you’ll need to have ready when you plan a website. If you’re working with a web design company, and they will be the most immediate and reliable resource for all the things tangible and intangible that you will need, including:

  • A project plan and management
  • A design initiative and the interfaces and tools for the design of your website
  • Many web design companies also offer content management and internet marketing, which can include copywriting and content design
  • A maintenance plan or dedicated webmaster

Find a Professional Web Design Company

If you choose to use a web design or internet marketing company, be sure that they are responsive to your needs, can understand and support your brand, and have a track record or building successful and effective websites that integrate marketing, content marketing, search engine optimization, and social media. An experienced web design company should be able to do everything referred to above, in a complete package, from project management to site maintenance.

Some Other Things to Consider:

Don’t neglect mobile! Be sure to create a responsive web design for the mobile version of your new or redesigned website. Half of all mobile searches are seeking local results. That’s immediate, actionable searching: nearly two-thirds of the searches result in visits and business. On the other hand, roughly half of users will reject a business with a poorly designed mobile site.

Be visual. By a wide margin, users are more receptive to, and remain longer with, content that is visual: images, videos, GIFs, and memes. Online videos are viewed fifty billion times per month.

Be mutable. Be prepared to change with the times, adapt, and go where the action is. A web design company will be ready for the way the digital economy is changing, and the way your business is evolving.

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