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The Importance Responsive Web Design: Creating User-Friendly Experiences

Ensuring that you have effective websites or applications that are popular with users requires a lot of work and insight. It is estimated that 32% of clicks go to the first Google desktop search result, according to Forbes. If you want to stand out and grab the attention of users and build your audience, it is important to create a user-friendly experience across devices.

Why Is Responsive Web Design Essential?

If you want to really grab the attention of users and turn them into loyal fans, you need to do more than improve keyword rankings for SEO. You need a good landing page and effective websites optimized for user-friendliness. Let’s face it, most people are interacting with the Internet on their phones rather than on a PC these days. Even if they do interact on a PC occasionally, odds are they will also be interacting on mobile devices as well. This is why the user experience needs to be seamless between these two options.

The User Context for Effective Websites

The context of the mobile user is very important when you are planning how to create a great user experience on effective websites. Mobile devices are being used on the go. This means that oftentimes phones or mobile devices are being checked while waiting on something else and often with only one hand. The user is not prepared to give you their undivided attention in the same way they might on a PC. Usually, when users are on a PC, they plan to focus for a while. This is not the case with mobile. You need to be able to grab a user’s attention quickly and hold on to it for as long as possible.

Presentation and User Flow

Because of the nature of the mobile user, it becomes even more imperative that the presentation is set up to be as quick and seamless as possible because they’re passing through your website quickly. If navigation is at all messy or confusing, you’ve lost their attention and disrupted user flow. This can make the user frustrated and may even cause them to leave your site for a competitor’s. Make sure that the information your user needs is quickly accessible and easy to find. If there is an action that you are pushing the user to take, they need to be able to make that decision quickly and execute that action easily.

Responsive web design is essential for making effective websites. If you’re looking to increase your audience or create a better user experience for your audience, don’t hesitate to reach out to MRN Web Designs today. Our custom web design services have everything you need to support your business goals and grow your userbase.