Website Tips

How to Increase Your Website’s Views

link building

Simply creating a beautiful website isn’t enough to get clicks. According to Hubspot, over 60% of internet users worldwide research products online. If you have a viable product or service to offer, you need to ensure that these potential customers see it. From link building to utilizing social media, there are many ways that you could create more website views.

Use Keywords

Anytime someone goes online to search for a product, they use certain keywords or keyword phrases. As a business owner or web producer, start by finding the keywords most people use and incorporating them into your website metadata and content postings. That way, when people search for certain keywords, your website has a better chance of coming up.

Build Links

Don’t make the mistake of posting content without embedded links. You can link to other pages on your website and incorporate backlinks to other relevant blogs and web pages. The more you utilize link building, the more likely your website will register with Google.

Post Informative Content

The backbone of any website is good content. In other words, always write insightful, engaging articles or blog posts. Use high-resolution photos and engaging videos. Don’t forget the power of a good title. Remember, before somebody clicks on a story or video, the title will pull them in. Try to incorporate keywords that people are searching for into all content and titles as well.

Optimize Images

Optimize all images and videos for your website before posting them. If your website takes too long to load, you’ll easily lose a customer. According to statistics, online viewers will only wait seven seconds before clicking away from a slow loading website.

Use Social Media

Social media isn’t just for posting funny memes and poking fun at celebrities. It’s also a great resource to promote your company to various demographics in a short amount of time. Is your company about to do a product release? You can start teasing viewers with sneak peeks on social media but always link back to your website.

As you build your business, your website is your way to communicate with the world. It would be a shame to put so much work into a business and a website only to see it not getting any traction because of poor web practices. With the right professionals, you have people on deck who can do link building, web optimization, and give you suggestions for good content. If you need such help, contact our team today for a consultation.