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Page Experience: What Google’s Next Update Could Mean for Your Site


User experience has always been important when it comes to your website redesign. But now user experience will be essential to your Google search engine ranking, too. Google reports that it plans to make another update in the upcoming year based on a website’s page experience to improve search results for their users.

Google reports that, based on industry research and internal studies, search engine users prefer websites that offer a great page experience. But what exactly makes a great page experience and what could this update potentially mean for your website? Here, we’ll dive into what makes or breaks a great user experience and how you can improve your UX with a website redesign before Google’s next update.

What does it mean to have a good page experience?

When Google says that users prefer websites that offer a good page experience, they mean a website that has:

  • Fast page load speeds
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Good web design
  • Simple navigation
  • High-quality content

A website needs to be easy to use and pleasing to the eye. If your users don’t feel comfortable using your website, you’ll most likely have a high bounce rate, which no business wants. A high bounce rate means you’re getting a high amount of web traffic, but not getting any sales. About 50% of all mobile searches are conducted in the hopes of finding local results, but 39% of those searches don’t result in a purchase. Fortunately, a professional website redesign can help to correct that problem and improve your user experience to appeal to your audience.

How will Google’s update impact my SERPs?

A great user experience is already key when it comes to search engine optimization. This means that if your website already has a sub-par user experience, you could potentially see your domain ranking go down even further than it already is. You need a website redesign to improve your load page speed, content, and appearance.

A professional web designer can help to give you a website that will improve your user experience and increase your rankings. When Google comes out with its latest major update, you can feel confident knowing that the update will only benefit your domain ranking and help your SERPs. But where can you find a professional web designer that can give you responsive design with site speed and SEO in mind?

MRN Web Designs has the website redesign services you need to improve your SEO and get you ready for Google’s latest update. To learn more about our responsive web design services and SEO services, contact MRN Web Designs today.