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How Often Should I Redesign My Website?

how often should i redesign my website

how often should i redesign my websiteYour website exists to engage your audience, and if you manage your business’s website, your audience is your customer. For this reason, you should always follow the question, “How often should I redesign my website?”, with the question, “How satisfied am I with my website’s results?”


If your website is receiving a lot of incoming traffic from Google already and you’re happy with your audience engagement, then you have no need to worry about redesigning your site. However, in most cases, a redesign is necessary every two to three years. This is because improved website development helps you stay up to date with the digital revolution and can help you get the results you want. Because web design trends come and go so quickly, two or three years is all it takes for a professional, modern website to become hopelessly stale and outdated.


Here are signs your website may need some elbow grease whether or not you’re currently happy with your digital marketing results:


  1. Your site isn’t driving demand. Take a look at your website to figure out why your site isn’t driving demand. In order to fix a problem, you need to find the cause. Try doing an internet marketing test called the 5-Second Test. If a new customer can understand what your business does in five seconds or less, your website is golden. If not, you may want to prioritize a redesign. Consider improving your calls to action as well so your users will know what they should do with the information you provide.

  3. Your web design isn’t optimized for mobile users. Mobile friendliness isn’t just a convenient way to improve your business’ reputation among users. Up to 48% of users report assuming a business doesn’t care when their website doesn’t work well on mobile devices. What’s more is that mobile friendliness has been an expanding feature in recent Google updates meaning a poor mobile site could be affecting your SEO.

  5. Your website doesn’t update well. A website that routinely updates with fresh and related content is more likely to be picked up by the Google crawl bot. In terms of content updates, the answer to the question “How often should I redesign my website?” should be “frequently.” If your website is difficult to update, you probably have a significant number of unrelated articles and outdated information lurking on your website.

It may be time to hire professional website design services when you find yourself asking “How often should I redesign my website?” Fortunately, MRN Designs can give you the custom web design and digital marketing services you need all in one place. Whether it’s improving your Google Adwords, improving web optimization, or completely revamping your mobile responsiveness, MRN Designs can provide you with what you need. Get in touch with us today to get your digital marketing project started.

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