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How Can I Improve My Website’s Landing Pages in 2018?

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biggest mistakes of diy websitesOne of the biggest mistakes of DIY websites is failing to have a good landing page. A website’s landing pages are your company’s best chance at quickly grabbing the attention of online users and converting them into customers.


More than any other pages on your website, it’s your most important landing pages that should be converting your potential leads. Unfortunately, there are countless lackluster landing pages on the web that completely fail to convert. If you’re wondering how to improve your website’s landing pages for 2018, consider the following tips.


To improve your landing pages for longer site visits and a higher conversion rate, here’s what you need to do:

Keep your landing page design clean and organized

A cluttered and overly colorful landing page is one of the biggest mistakes of DIY websites. When reading the content on a web page, users only read up to 28% of the content they see. Therefore, you need to be sure the content your users are reading is legible and easy to scan.


Just like you would in other digital marketing endeavors, be smart about your use of color and images. Strong contrast that’s soft on the eyes is ideal. Avoid distractions and navigational issues.


Use information that’s straight and to the point and ensure it’s in the user’s line of vision. Include details only when they’re necessary and use subheadings to spread out available information.

Make sure your landing page is user friendly

Users search for businesses using their phones just as much as they do on a computer. For this reason, it’s necessary nowadays to ensure your landing page is optimized for mobile use. In fact, a landing page that’s mobile-friendly has been known to double the number of conversations between companies and their users.


Characteristics of a mobile-friendly site help to ensure an overall user-friendly site as well. For instance, ensuring your site is mobile-friendly means limiting the number of forms your visitors need to fill out.


Only include information and online forms that are absolutely necessary for your users. When a user has to take multiple steps to reach their goal — information — they’ll most likely leave your landing page in a hurry!

It’s time to start thinking about AMP

AMP — pronounced like a guitar’s amp — is Google’s new Accelerated Mobile Pages project. Initially designed for publishers, AMP landing pages are already becoming more common. While Google’s AMP landing pages are still in their infancy for business websites, this feature should be at the top of your mind as you move into 2018.


A landing page is one of the most important aspects of internet marketing, and that’s true whether you’re focusing on SEO, Pay-Per-Click advertising, display advertising, or all of the above. It’s this landing page that will either convince users to stay and convert to your business or convince them to leave.


MRN Designs can help you avoid the biggest mistakes of DIY websites. Whether you need help optimizing your landing pages, improving search engine optimization, or completely revamping your mobile responsiveness, MRN Designs can meet your digital marketing and web design needs all in one place. Get in touch with us today to get your digital marketing project started in time for 2018.

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