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How Long Does SEO Take?

Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization

You have probably wondered if your SEO is really working and how long it takes to get to the hard-fought first page. Although there is no hard and fast answer to how long SEO will take, it typically takes anywhere from six to nine months to get your website ranking on the first page of search results. Ranking on the first page is relative to the search terms that are included as part of your overall search strategy. Rest assured, there are ways to know that your SEO is working and that you are on the right path.

Why does SEO take time?

A big part of SEO is the process of creating and promoting good content both on and off your website. The objective is to promote your business through content that people like, share, and link to, and that all takes time.

Google looks for consistency in determining rankings by searching for websites that are delivering the best results for its users not once, but continually, over time. The websites that are consistently building out good content and promoting it effectively through SEO will build more signals of trust from Google. The more signals of trust that you build over time, the more likely you are to achieve top rankings.

Keep in mind, too, that the SEO process has different stages. The first few months, you will be focused on onsite optimization to make sure your content is relevant and crawlable. Crawlable websites are websites that search engines can view and index each page as important to a search term. How search engines see your site is quite different from how Internet users browse through your site. Search-term relevancy and quality can be shown through clean code, a good code-to-text ratio, and a plethora of important website metrics that help search engines determine how an Internet user would perceive and use your website.

After your first stage is set, you can begin on stage two, offsite optimization.

Offsite optimization is primarily focusing on promoting your content through high-quality directory submissions, social bookmarking, and guest articles or blog posts published on another relevant website.

The longer you maintain your SEO efforts, the more effective the results will be. Good SEO has a powerful and lasting impact on your website traffic and rankings, which in turn, leads to more business for you. Rankings on search engine results pages are achieved through several tasks that take time to implement. There are no shortcuts or tricks to make results happen faster if you want true, durable results.

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